Of Possible Configurations - A/SIDE B/SIDE Gallery - Hackney
META -Solo Show- The Muse Gallery, Notting Hill

Clifford Chance Printmaking Show - Canary Wharf

September Art Showcase - Wood Green

PRINT/5 - Bomb Factory - Archway

Do, undo, redo - Lethaby Gallery, Granary Square

This is supposed to be fun - Croydon

Temporary Arts Project - Southend on–sea 


You're the reason our kids are ugly - The Laundry – London Fields

Practice Event III - Annexe Building - Archway

 Aestivation - Annexe Building - Archway

L'amour d'été  - Paris, France

Arrangements- Annexe Building - Archway
Barcelona International Art Fair- Casa Battló - Barcelona
Central Saint Martins Degree 2014 Show One- Granary Square  

Open Studio III - Central Saint Martins - Granary Square
Open Studio II - Central Saint Martins - Granary Square